We have been doing Haunted Houses for about 10 years, and Whatcom Frightmare has been at Pioneer Park for 5 years.

We are the only wheelchair-accessed haunted house.

Proceeds go to the Ferndale Food Bank and Lummi Nation Boys and Girls Club.

We are serviced by the fantastic Food Truck from, Mobile Mouth Hole, Chow Hot Dogs, Sweet Nectorene Beverage Trailer, Follow them today!

Full Scare & Light Scare

Light Scare for the young kids where all my monsters are doing a goofy dance, and all the lights are on. Full Scare is all lights are off.

Everybody volunteers to help out it’s a lot of fun for families and kid-friendly.

We are the only ones that do a light scare for children. we also have a monster guide for the little ones that are too scared to go in he will tell little stories to make it more fun for them.

Tarot Reading

Enter the realm of the unknown at Whatcom Frightmare Haunted House, where our tarot cards have a chilling sense of humor. Let the spirits guide you through a macabre journey, predicting your fate with eerie accuracy. Beware, for even the cards themselves might cackle in delight as they reveal your spine-tingling destiny!

Carnival Games

Step right up to our twisted carnival games, where ghouls and goblins try their luck alongside mortals. Test your skills against the spectral ring toss, where victory is met with ghostly applause. Win, and you might just hear the monsters’ laughter echoing in the night.

Fire Dancers

Watch as fire dancers light up the darkness, their flames dancing in mesmerizing, otherworldly patterns. These spectral performers will leave you both enchanted and spooked. Join us in the shadows and witness this fiery spectacle that defies the boundaries of the living and the beyond.


Saturday, Oct. 21
Light scare 5:00-7:00
Full Scare 8:00-10:00 pm

Sunday, Oct.22
Full Scare 5:00-9:00

Friday, Oct. 27,
light scare 5:00-7:00,
Full scare 8:00-10:00pm,

Sat. Oct 28
Light Scare 5:00-7:00pm
Full scare 8:00-10:00pm

Sun. Oct. 29
Full scare 5:00-9:00pm